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17 January 2018
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Brass Builders Level, Tripod and Measuring Staff
Made by Cooke Troughton & Simms Ltd for the Chief Engineers Department of the London County Council in around 1925 this completely original mahogany boxed builders level with hardwood tripod and extending 14 foot measuring staff must have cost a fortune when it was new.
It has service labels for 1930 - 53 on the lid, so if you wanted to recommission it I suspect it might need another.
In very good original condition.

Width - 17" (43cms)
Depth - 7" (18cms)
Height - 10" (25.5cms)

Tripod - Length closed 58" (148cms)

Measuring Staff - Length closed 64" (163cms)
Ref: 30399
Price: £425
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Single Shot Percussion Target Pistol
Made in Belgium before 1850 this percussion (or rimfire?) target pistol has seen better days, it is missing the trigger guard and appears to have been modified, but the two position hammer works strongly when fired. It has the "ELG" proof mark on the barrel and a carved walnut handle.

Length - 11.5" (30cms)
Ref: 30874
Price: £245
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Brass 4 Draw Telescope
A Broadhurst Clarkson & Co of 63 Farringdon Road London EC1 four draw telescope with full leather bound case and optic guards with leather strap and end caps.
Dating to the first half of the 20th Century this telescope is in excellent original condition with sharp optics and an almost unused leather case.

Fully extended - 34" (87cms)
Closed - 11" (28cms)
Ref: 30483
Price: £475
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Thomason Mechanical Corkscrew King's Pattern
Thomason Patented Corkscrew.
Brass, steel and bone handle.

Lion and Unicorn emblem with patent sign.

In excellent condition.

8" (20cms) - 12"(30cms) fully extended.
Ref: 29107
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19th Century Brass Fire Surround
Victorian brass fire surround or fender, in need of a clean and polish but complete and ornate.
In the classical style with plinth and urns at the corners, a central cartouche surrounded by laurels and a scrolling fence in between.

Width - Inside 56" (142cms) Outside 59" (150cms)
Depth - Inside 11" (29cms) Outside 13" (33cms)
Height - Top of Urns 6.75" (17cms) Fence 3" (7.5cms)
Ref: 30399
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Double Barrelled Pinfire Pocket Pistol
Dating to before 1850, this pocket pistol has had a hard life, a bit bashed, but complete, twin triggers operating twin two position hammers with a carved walnut handle. The handle is similar to the other pistol I have for sale so I think this is of Belgian manufacture as well.

Length - 9" (23cms)
Ref: 30873
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Victorian Brass Wind Gauge or Anemometer by J. Casartelli
Made in Manchester in 1890 this air meter, wind gauge or anemometer is in original condition and appears to be in working order. It is marked on the face "J.Casartelli Manchester Air-Meter No 407"
It can be mounted on a tripod as it has a threaded fitting underneath.

Dial diameter - 2.25" (6cms)
Turbine diameter -2.75"(7cms)
Height - 3.25" (8.5cms)
Ref: 28920
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A Four-Draw Brass Telescope
Made in London by Broadhurst Clarkson & Co sometime between 1915 and 1939 this four-draw brass telescope is in excellent condition and in full working order with a suede leather soft case.

Fully open - 32.75" (83cms)
Closed - 10.75" (27.5cms)

Ref: 30426
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Rare 19th Century Ivory Spinning Top
A beautifully crafted ivory spinning top numbered from 1 - 8, breaks down into four parts (see pictures) with a hole in the main shaft persumably for the string. Extremely finely made, well balanced, when spun it keeps going for a long time.
i can't decide whether this is a child's toy or for gambling or gaming.
This makes it difficult to date, for that reason I am going for 19th Century, but it could be earlier.

Size - 3.5" (9cms) High
1.5" (4cms) diameter
Ref: 29139
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Late 19th Century Sadeli Work Trinket Box
A very attractive Anglo-Indian trinket box in Sadeli work mosaic, with ivory, metal and ebony on a carcase of sandlewood.
Late Victorian or Edwardian, this box needs a little work as there are some small pieces of ivory missing. (see the pictures)
Despite this the work is of excellent quality, with the mosiac covering all surfaces of the box including the base and inside.

Width - 6" (15cms)
Depth - 3.5" (9cms)
Height - 2.25" (6cms)
Ref: 28848
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Late 19th Century 4 Draw Brass Telescope
The "Lord Bury" made by J H Steward of 54 Cornhill, London. No 618.
This type of telescope was popular in the last quarter of 19th Century and was named after the Under-Secretary for War, Lord Bury, 1878-80 & 1885-86.
This examp[le is in good original condition with evidence of use, it has a dented final lens with a small chip.

Size - Closed 10" (25.5cms)
Fully Drawn 33" (84cms)
Ref: 28866
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Blackthorn Walking Stick 1867
This rather splendid stag horn handled Blackthorn walking stick was a presentation gift in 1867.
The silver band (which is not hallmarked) says:

"Presented to Mr Joseph Maddison
by the members of the
Belfast Branch of Iron Founders
October 1867"

Size - 35.5" (90cms)
Ref: 30167
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Exquisite Victorian Ivory Locket
Absolutely stunning tiny ivory locket that opens by a spring loaded button to reveal two rose gold framed photo panels.
On the front panel there is a beautiful carving of flowers and foliage, the back is plain.

Probably made in China around 1875.

Size 1.5" (4cms) x 1" (2.5cms)
Ref: 29138
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A Pair of Victorian Ivory and Brass Opera Glasses
A pair of brass and ivory opera glasses marked "Dolland" & "London"
probably made at the end of the 19th Century there is an inscription "MAL"

Size - closed 2" (5cms)
open 3" (7.5cms)
width 4.5" (11.5cms)
Ref: 29112
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Items: 1-14

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